About Honey-B

Hello. I am EllisJ. The owner of Honey B's Boutiques. HBB carries everything from the latest clothing, shoes and accessories. I started Honey B's three years ago. Turns out I've been a stylist most my life and didn't know it. LOL. My friends & family would always call or send me photos asking, "What goes with this?" I always said, "Why ya'll asking me?" LOL.  I've never been one to follow a trend when it comes to styling myself, so it was always a surprise to me when someone asked for fashion tips. Not saying....I can't dress, but people would always say to me that my style could be a little weird. This is how EllisJ Collections started. EllisJ Fashion is a collection of pieces made by me. I love EllisJ Fashion. It gives me the creativity to just do me and I just love it! From prom dresses to runway, I get to see my vision come to life. When you're wearing HBB or a unique piece from EllisJ, make sure you slay!!!!!!

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